#bewegdichstylisch 3 days - 3 cities and lots of fun!


Leipzig: This up-and-coming city in the East is characterised by its creativity and dynamism. As one of the fastest growing major cities in Germany, Leipzig is neither too big nor too small and is always evolving. The old town gives the city its flair and the striking combination of old and stylish new buildings creates a truly unique atmosphere.

There are a whole range of trendy spots and even more great bars and restaurants along the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, known as “Karli” to locals. The “Feinkostgenossenschaft”, a courtyard of independent vendors, proved to be a very special location; our influencers discovered several stylish photo opportunities here. The old cotton spinning mill is also a great tip.


Berlin: The German capital, an international metropolis and a melting pot of various cultures. Berlin is booming and is growing in popularity among tourists from other countries. The fashion and art scene continues to thrive and gives Berlin a whole new style. And it went without saying that our ALUTEC Road Trip would take in the capital.

In addition to the typical hotspots such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz, less well-known locations were also on the agenda.


Hamburg: The city’s location is unique and, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful in the whole of Germany. The port with the new stunning Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the adjacent warehouse district, a range of trendy neighbourhoods including the “Karo” and “Schanze” districts and the easygoing nature typical of the north are what make this Northern German pearl so appealing.

We didn’t want to miss out on these highlights and visited a range of great spots.