Motion – Style – Emotion: These three attributes embody ALUTEC® and describe the young, modern brand perfectly in just a few words. Much passion, emotion, care and a special intuition for design and style flow into the development and production of wheel rims that satisfy the highest standards.

Specially developed UV-resistant coatings not only ensure high endurance – they also stand for individuality and continued development in the spirit of contemporary trends. The unwavering high quality of ALUTEC® wheel rims remains the most important foundation of the brand’s success.


“Move around in style!” This motto illustrates the standard of aesthetics and sportiness that ALUTEC® developers hold every single wheel to. The young, dynamic, and innovative designs go with any car brand and nearly any model while appealing to anyone who keeps up with current trends. An alloy wheel rim can be far more than a round piece of aluminum – it can grant your car that special something.


ALUTEC® has been producing alloy wheel rims according to the highest standards for more than 20 years and is now one of the most successful brands in the industry. Specialist knowledge, expertise, and experience gained across years of work is collected in development, sales, and technical teams to achieve the constant ongoing development of the brand and product driven by passion, innovative instinct, and attention to detail.


State-of-the-art production techniques according to European standards and the collected expertise of our employees allow us to offer and guarantee the highest quality for every ALUTEC® wheel rim we produce. By “quality”, we do not only mean the superiority of the product itself, but also the fact that every wheel rim is ABE/ECE-certified, that all lacquered rims naturally come with a five-year warranty, and that our delivery capability is secured by strong, modern background logistics.

3. Essence/History/Vision of the brand ALUTEC®

Developed in 1996, today ALUTEC® is among the most successful alloy wheel rim brands both nationally and internationally. The trendy, young, and innovative brand has developed at an astounding speed from the very beginning. The wheel rim itself has always been considered more than simply a necessary functional part, serving also as a stylish accessory for design enthusiasts. The vision has always remained the same: the continual development of ALUTEC® rims in the spirit of current trends while maintaining the highest quality standards at affordable prices.

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