A Powerful Look for Individualists

Plain is too boring for you? Then ADX.01 is just what you need! Our new alloy wheel blows all tired conventions away. Forward-thinking design paired with extraordinarily distinctive details – these are the powerful optics that individualists want. The level of sport is clear at first glance and guarantees unrivaled style.

This wheel rim leaves no room for doubt: ADX.01 catches all eyes on the road and sets the style for any vehicle. High-quality surfaces, technical know-how, and innovative style for the streets – perfectly coordinated wheel sizes and offsets ensure easy installation.

ADX.01 – Precision in a Nutshell

Undercut Technology

More volume, more depth: An undercut provides a visual finishing touch and optimizes the weight.

Laser-Engraved Accents

Extravagant finish: Every wheel features a laser engraving – sure to impress any connoisseur.

Style meets Experts

Over 20 years of experience: More than two decades of experience flow into the manufacture of the ADX.01 wheel.

Urban Color Palettes

For individualists: Be it striking black, stylish bronze or cool platinum – trendsetters will fall in love.

See for yourself!

metallic-platinum front polished

metallic-bronze front polished

diamond-black front polished

Which sizes are available?

8,5 x 18″, 8,5 x 19″ and 8,5 x 20″

Which colors are there to choose from?

diamond-black front polished, metallic-bronze front polished and metallic-platinum front polished

Other technical details?

All inch sizes are available with 5-hole mountings. ABE-certificates are available. The wheel is suitable for many vehicle models.

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