ALUTEC wheel rims are made to the highest production standards, incorporating the full expertise of our employees. The result is unique quality that meets the most exacting demands and a fascinating innovative design. As a specialist for polished wheels, we deliver style for almost any vehicle model. For your car too – we guarantee it! The UV-resistant coatings we use make your wheels extremely robust and give your vehicle that little something extra to make it a masterpiece.


Move in Style – do you want to have absolute freedom while driving without having to sacrifice style? Then our ALUTEC wheel rims are exactly right for you! Even when stationary, our alloy wheels radiate pure energy. However, it’s on the road that they truly reveal their full power, driving you forward in style – be it on a relaxed cruise through the city or a weekend trip on challenging routes. We are the brand for all connoisseurs for whom no distance is too great and driving is an expression of joy.


Built to stand out on the road, ALUTEC alloy wheel rims lend your vehicle the force of expression it deserves. Discover our uncompromising styles with an expressive character. Say goodbye to showing off – our wheel rims guarantee an elegant appearance. The excellent designs are not meant for short-lived pleasure, but will hold your loyalty for a long time to come. Timeless. Modern. And always producing that “wow” effect. We are ready for more style on the road. Are you?


ALUTEC alloy wheels are more than just your usual wheel rim. Tailored to the demands of the road, they unlock the full potential of your vehicle. In terms of both handling and looks. Feel the speed, sense the contact with the road, experience the freedom. For us, driving is more than simply getting from A to B. For us, driving is more than simply reaching the destination as quickly as possible. It’s independence and powerful emotion right down to the smallest detail. And our ALUTEC wheel rims bring precisely this lifestyle onto the road for you every single day.

History of the Brand

Motion, style and emotion – these are the values that shape ALUTEC. Developed in 1996, today we are one of the most successful alloy wheel rim brands in Germany and internationally. Our vision has never changed: to continuously develop wheel rims in keeping with the latest trends while maintaining maximum quality standards. Social media campaigns in cooperation with artists and influencers are just one of the ways that we demonstrate the boundless creativity that surrounds our products. Our wheel rims are created by design lovers for design lovers. Consequently, demanding styles shape our product portfolio to this day. We offer expressive statements for the road, and all at an affordable price. We at ALUTEC are convinced that taste, standards and style are not a question of money.