Strictly limited: only 25 sets – it pays to be fast! Probably the most out of the ordinary of our limited editions, this design is all about making colorful statements.

Stickerbomb Explosion

From the underground to the mainstream: Stickerbombs are trendier than ever and more and more style-conscious drivers are taking notice. Time to get inspired!


You can’t pay any more attention to details than this: Stickers composed into an unique collage oozing passion for unusual style adorn the limited edition RAPTR.

Show Your Attitude

With the limited edition RAPTR, you make it clear to the world that you’re a trendsetter. Not for every vehicle, not for every driver – only creative style pioneers are bold enough for this look.

  • Official sales start: June 01, 2021.

  • Promotion period: June 01, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

  • Anniversary edition only available while stocks last.


diamond-black with stickerbomb
Limited Edition


diamond-black with stickerbomb
Limited Edition


We’re Turning 25! Celebrate With Us!

25 years of ALUTEC – that are 25 years of motion, style and emotion! We have always remained true to our vision: to continuously develop wheel rims in keeping with the latest trends while maintaining maximum quality standards. Our wheel rims are made according to sophisticated production standards, incorporating the expert knowledge of our employees. As a specialist for polished wheels, we offer designs for almost any vehicle model – expressive statements for the road at an attractive price. We at ALUTEC are convinced that taste, standards, and style are not a question of money.

We came up with something unique for this special occasion. Our RAPTR is now available in a limited edition. 25 exclusive sets are waiting to hit the road. The sensational stickerbomb technique makes for an impressive design that can’t help but catch everyone’s eye on the road. Secure your own personal set from your trusted dealer. Move in Style!


Further RAPTR models

The regular RAPTR model is available in the colors racing-black and racing-black front polished.

Slide racing-black
17" | 18" | 19" | 20"
Slide racing-black front polished
18" | 19"

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