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When we founded ALUTEC (now a subsidiary of Superior Industries) in 1996, 2021 seemed to be in a distant future with flying cars. Some of our employees, who have been with us since our founding years, still remember how we focused on unusual rims. There were, for example, multi part, chromed rims, and the wide tuning rim “POLE” or our first wheels for cargo vans “VANtastic”

Admittedly, as an innovative German rim manufacturer, we are thrilled that cars still drift, race, and sprint on streets instead of hovering and that we can still bring our stylish alloy wheels onto the road.



From 2000 to 2004, ALUTEC successfully drifted through an era of growth where we not only produced here in Germany but also built a manufacturing facility in Stawola, Poland to meet the high international demand. We furthermore moved from Bad Dürkheim to Fußgönheim where we had more storage space for our growing selection. In the early 2000s, our newly developed high-gloss rims were a real statement piece on the streets and in high demand.



In 2005, we raced through the major international auto shows and burned some rubber at the Tuning World Bodensee and Essen Motorshow.

At the same time, our customers set an important milestone in our company’s history: the sale of our one millionth wheel in 2005. What a great success after only 9 years in business! This success certainly went hand in hand with the creation of our “STORM” rims which became the most sought-after wheels at the time. It has since turned into a classic and helped us beat sales records everywhere.

And all of that just one year before our 10th anniversary which we celebrated with the incredible ALUTEC Project-Car, ”Mustang Boost One” featuring a 500PS engine, 20 inch rims, widened body, and gull-wing doors as well as the introduction of our 5-year warranty.



Fast, faster, ALUTEC drift! After carrying out first drift events such as the “Drift Challenge Hockenheim“ and the “Drift Challenge Augsburg“ on ALUTEC rims in 2006, drifting started to become one of our main priorities with additional events; such as the 24h Drift Challenge, Nürburgring or the Drift Challenge Tuning Days in the following years. In 2008 we were also able to increase our brand’s advertising impact. We not only secured a spot at the Essen Motorshow, but in this same year, one of our greatest gamer dreams came true as well: our ALUTEC MUSTANG BOOST ONE Concept-Car was eternalized in the video game “Asphalt 7 Heat” and we’re certain it has won thousands of races since.



Since 2009, drifting has evolved into the core of our brand. It gave us the opportunity to perfectly implement the individuality, design, and high performance of our rims. Our high-tech wheels are proof that ALUTEC alloy rims are not only made for the road. This has even been captured by a cartoonist in an ALUTEC comic. (Download ALUTEC comic)

In addition, we equipped the Hockenheimring drift school with ALUTEC rims and celebrated great successes as sponsor of the International Drift Series between 2009 and 2012. Our engagement as sponsor of Team Gräf and powerhouse collaborations with Harsch and Falken helped us set benchmarks at various drift events. This was also due to the development of another one of our bestsellers: the “SHARK” rims.

In 2011, ALUTEC merged with UNIWHEELS Leichtmetallräder (Germany) GmbH and has since utilized the newly formed synergies within the group to develop new wheels based on the latest standards.

As an internationally positioned trendsetting brand, ALUTEC has also stood their ground abroad. Since 2011, our export share consistently lies between 40-50%.



What alloy rim manufacturer can claim that they established new, and broke former world records? 2012 was not only the year where we moved our headquarters to Bad Dürkheim (Rhineland-Palatinate) but we also started chasing records. Lars Verbraeken, for instance, established a world record for the world’s fastest drift on TV with 179.59km/h (111.59mp/h) and a 45-degree drift angle. Absolutely crazy!

Later we became the official partner of the Donut Drift World Record at Nürburgring and celebrated Hans-Jürgen Reiss solid 2nd place using ALUTEC “POISON CUP” rims in the pro series of the ‘International Drift Series’.

In 2013, things got even more crazy when Alex Gräff broke the above-mentioned record of Lars Verbraeken live on television (you guessed it, he used ALUTEC rims). Thanks to our “Boost” and “Poison Cup” rims he reached a speed of 183.83km/h (14.23mp/h) and an incredible 60.56-degree drift angle.

Three words: world class era!



After incredible world records, the coolest ALUTEC comics, crazy 500 HS Mustang Concept-Cars presented by model Micaela Schäfer, national and international auto shows as well as drift events and racing series, we have been continuously developing our technology and style since 2014. This helps to ensure that each of our customers finds the perfect rims to fit their style.

Our business has witnessed major changes since 2017 following several share takeovers, which lead to the merger of the Uniwheels Group (and therefore ALUTEC) with the US American Superior Industries Group in 2018.

The coolest things to happen during the new “Style Era” were the ALUTEC Road Trip, where we traveled through Germany’s largest cities together with our fans, and the ALUTEC ART ATTACK 2019 that featured various artists who painted and reinterpreted our wheels. All in the name of style.



As you have witnessed along this ride, we at ALUTEC have already reached many milestones together with you, our fans. From our founding in 1996, to the drift sponsorships and the new ADX.01: together, we are looking back at 25 impressive years full of passion for high quality alloy wheels and unique style.

But here is the best thing: successful years full of new technologies and futuristic designs lie ahead of us for many years to come! We will continue to set benchmarks in the future with our trendsetting colors and strong focus on polished wheels. We are hungry to look into the future with you!


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