Our new SOLAR alloy wheel marks the beginning of an exciting era. Designed especially for use on electric cars, the wheel reinterprets the future – with its sporty design and the strong character of the five spokes, it brings a distinctive style to the road. The graphic details on each spoke provide the unique recognition value that makes an ALUTEC alloy wheel stand out.





SOLAR from ALUTEC: Distinctive, but no exaggeration

In 2021 we are celebrating 25 years of ALUTEC. That’s more than two decades of style and experience. And we have incorporated this know-how into our latest creation: SOLAR. The trend-setting design is especially aimed at electric vehicles and underlines their model form. In addition to the special look, SOLAR comes with a sense of strength that improves every electric vehicle.
On the launch of the alloy wheel, you have the choice between two colors: metal-grey and diamond-black. The classic diamond-black fits discreetly into your car’s design, but adds a touch of sportiness thanks to the distinctive spokes. For those who like things more extreme, the metal-grey version is ideal, as it provides a greater contrast and attracts attention like a magnet. No matter what you choose, both designs are available as a 19-inch version with a five-hole connection and thus fit many common electric car models.


SOLAR can be operated without any further tests or inspections. Simply mount it on the approved tire and set off in style.

Five-year warranty*

What’s better than just hitting the road? Exactly – hitting the road with a five-year warranty*! SOLAR comes with the tried-and-tested ALUTEC warranty*, allowing you to sit back and relax.

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*in accordance with Superior Industries Leichtmetallräder Germany GmbH’s Sales, Delivery and Payment Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed at www.supind.com/gtc